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About Me

I've been involved with basketball development since 1996 in the UK, fell in love with the game and haven't stopped having a passion to see the game thrive in the UK. 

Why Join Schball?

Want to play basketball from recreational to the national level? Enjoy watching top-quality basketball coaches, physiotherapists and fitness trainers help you achieve success at whatever level you desire? 


School Of Basketball

coaching of fundamental development to performance.

Play Basketball

pick-up games at your performance level so you play with similar level players.

B1 tournaments

regular events of basketball games that are refereed and scored, entertainment and loads of games.


Can book a spot for any of the sessions (limited spaces will apply)

See other members that will be at sessions

Get involved with topics and groups to learn more advanced knowledge 

Share direct conversations with other members

Create safe and thoughtful discussions - any trolling will definitely not be tolerated!

Your impressions to post and comments are about appreciating good content that enriches the mind and humankind to be productive and effective. 

School Of Basketball

is about learning, training, and coaching basketball - goal-setting, problem-solving and reflecting to name a few areas that are covered.

Age: 3 - 15 years (youth) and 16+ years (adults)

Location: Text for details


Cost: £3 per person 

Play Basketball

is for the lovers of the pick-up style basketball games. No ref, no uniforms (maybe bibs) and no game time limits...      Especially no arguments!!

Age: 16+ years

Location: Holte School - Clifford Rd B19 2JJ

Time: 1 - 3pm 

Cost: £3 per person

Level: Moderate

B1 tournaments

brings the freaking enjoyment of basketball games to a venue for games galore with DJs, dancers, singers/rappers, food, slam-dunking and shooting challenges to entertain everyone.

The tournaments will be taking place throughout the year for various groups of the community.

Age: various

Location: various

Time: various

Cost: various

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